The VAR system is the revolutionary discovery of recent years in football. Both FIFA and UEFA actively tested this system and at the 2018 World Cup the system was officially applied for the first time.

The football federations of many UEFA member countries independently launch pilot projects to introduce VAR in the framework of national championships.

All this suggests that the mandatory implementation of the VAR system at each stadium is expected in the near future.

The VAR system as part of the ColosseoEAS Active System technologies is our own creation and is officially certified by FIFA.

The VAR system is used in the following situations:

  • any controversial moment (as determined by the referee) throughout the field in action that led to a goal scored – after the goal was scored;
  • any controversial moment in the area of ​​the 16-meter zone which can lead to a penalty – a penalty awarded or not;
  • any controversial moment in the whole field that may lead to an immediate red card (not a second yellow card) – a direct red card, shown or not;
  • the red or yellow card is incorrectly assigned to a specific player – an error in the identification of the player.

 Key aspects of the VAR system

Analysis accuracy

  • high-quality video streams to provide visual information about what happened on the field;
  • coverage of the entire field so that every moment is recorded for analysis;

Analysis speed and refereeing support 

  • quick and easy analysis of the compactness of the game;
  • analysis time must be accurately measured to assess the need for additional time.

Colosseo Tools for VAR Technology


  • C ++ / Colosseo Video components for real-time processing of video streams;
  • C ++ / Colosseo 3D visualization for spatial camera data and video analysis with measurements in the real world;
  • C # / Colosseo interface with Unicode support.

User interface

  • intuitive user interface for mouse and touch screen;
  • interface for quick work with predefined camera sets and navigation.

Uniqueness of ColosseoEAS Active System solutions in VAR technology

  • spatial analysis of video through connected cameras;
  • analysis of the referee’s whistle and automatic pause during the service;
  • synchronized cameras – rewind and zoom are synchronized across all cameras;
  • flexibility in the analysis of video streams – stop, rewind, fast forward, increase, etc.;
  • ease of implementation and easy to use tool;
  • independent development of Colosseo – easy to customize and develop further;
  • Colosseo experience – an already implemented solution in multifunctional arenas.

The Colosseo Timer (Timekeeping System) allows to record the start time of the match, the extra time of each half as well as the extra time of the entire game, accurate to the second. At the same time, game operators can enter basic and additional information, collecting as much data as possible for use in statistical and presentation purposes.

Any number of consoles can be connected; 2 consoles are usually used (if something happens with one, then it will be possible to work with the second). It is possible to combine the work of two or three devices – one operator monitors the main time and moments and the second or third enter additional information for an extended statistical report on the game. For maximum accuracy in timekeeping we recommend to use the  buttons to start and stop the countdown.

When working together Colosseo Timer, Colosseo’s GamePlay Server and Game Presentation, it is possible to display a huge set of static information – information about leagues, tournaments, teams and players. For example, the system can store statistics of all violations of a particular player. The operator can download player violation statistics from different tournaments and display it on the screen. There is also the possibility of using triggers that would remind the operator of the need to show some specific statistical information. The system can synchronize, import and export statistics to systems of other companies using various interface adapters (IP based on Web Services, RS232 / 485, etc.).

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