To ensure visitors access control to the stadium an additional face recognition system can be used. This system was developed by Coloosseo and has already been successfully used in many European sports facilities. For the functioning of the system each turnstile is equipped with a specialized module. This module creates a biometric sample and compares it with samples from specialized databases (intruders, name passes, season cards, etc.).

The face recognition system can work in two modes:

  • verification mode – each photo taken and a biometric sample are saved, compared with a database or saved biometric template created when buying a ticket. The system opens or blocks the turnstile based on the comparison results;
  • validation mode – the photograph is conjugated in the system along with the pass and ticket without creating a biometric sample and comparison. These photos can be viewed and if necessary identify illegal copies of tickets as well as an attempt to double use them.

Functional specification and technical parameters:

  • the system is integrated with a ticket system, a turnstile management system and a video surveillance system;
  • Each turnstile is equipped with a separate biometric module and a module for the subsequent processing of the biometric sample. The recognition module is located so that it is possible to shoot;
  • biometric module is equipped with two cameras. The first camera is optimized for taking facial contours and depth of field. The second camera is used to create a photograph;
  • the biometric module is equipped with adaptive lighting for optimal illumination of a person’s face;
  • the biometric module is equipped with a signalling system that provides the organization of the direction of passage for visitors and provides the opportunity to verify the passage by the stadium staff while passing through the turnstiles.

The following signals are provided:

  • the test result is positive;
  • the test result is negative;
  • failed to recognize the visitor’s face in front of the turnstile (headgear, glasses, part of the face is closed, etc.).
  • response time of the system when a visitor passes – no more than 0.5 seconds per person;
  • the system allows to import and create lists of biometric samples for short-term use;
  • the system is equipped with the following safety features:
  • authenticated access to data and operator positions;
  • additional authentication when accessing confidential data;
  • data encryption;
  • separate storage of confidential data;
  • automatic deletion of confidential data after a certain period.

Control and monitoring stations

An automated workstation of the operator is used to control the system. Basic settings for face recognition system:

  • registration of persons – filling in information about a person, adding photos and saving a biometric sample (4 photos per person) if necessary adding a person to specialized databases;
  • creation and issuance of a personal card to a registered person;
  • managing the list of persons in the system;
  • import of persons into specialized databases;
  • individual setting of face recognition mode for each turnstile separately;
  • tracking passages through turnstiles with viewing photos of visitors in real time searching at different entry points or turnstiles, viewing details of the passage;
  • search for suspicious persons in the aisles using biometric modules of the turnstiles or in the territory using a video surveillance system based on photos added to the system from paper and digital media, from cameras of the video surveillance system, from biometric modules of the turnstile systems;
  • notification of the security service about the location of the desired subject by sending photos to the mobile applications on the Android platform with explanatory data.

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