Turnstile Control System

The turnstile control system is designed to control the access of spectators and guests to the territory of the sports complex. Admission to the building of the complex is organized according to the following scheme:

The first perimeter is temporary fences which will be focused on the personal security checks of the visitor and preliminary check of the ticket.

The second perimeter controls through electronic verification of the validity of the ticket using a turnstile reader as well as a biometric face recognition system that compares the visitor with a specialized database or carries out biometric control of the ticket holder. The whole process is controlled by a turnstile control system that interacts with the ticket system.

 Functional properties of the turnstile control system

  • the system works in real time which allows to use the system of turnstile access if entry is allowed immediately after buying a ticket;
  • the system provides information about all available entrance groups to the central control console in real time (about the status of the turnstiles, the allowed passage direction, the last recorded passage, statistics of all passes, information about various errors during passes with comments, congestion of one or another turnstile, time between separate passes, etc.). This allows through analysis to optimize checkpoint activity in real time (redirect visitors to free turnstiles, determine the possible slowdown due to a technical malfunction on readers or cameras, etc.);
  • the system provides full remote control of all turnstiles – closing, opening, resolution of various directions of passageways, monitoring surveillance cameras, quick switching of turnstiles for passage in the desired direction;
  • the system has the function of a time scheduler;
  • a system with biometrics support allows to analyse visitors for their presence in specialized databases;
  • control cards are provided for the security service allow to block or change promptly the direction of the turnstile depending on the configuration of the card;
  • cards are integrated with the access control and management system that allow to unlock the passage through the turnstile and get into the service areas of the complex depending on the configuration of the card;
  • the turnstile control system allows connection to other access control systems to determine and control the so-called “stadium zones”;
  • if there are several zones in the stadium, the system monitors the passes to the zones, the sequence of passes through the zones and keeps statistics of passes;
  • a different light indication is provided depending on the parameters of the ticket;
  • reports on the filling of sectors, the stadium can be provided in both automatic and manual modes;
  • the capacity of each turnstile is 600 people / hour.

The reader supports both reading a barcode from the screen of a mobile phone and contactless NFC technology.

A well-thought-out turnstile operation technology allows to monitor automated control points,  abnormal situations (an invalid ticket attempt, etc.) and a face recognition system to identify people who are listed in the database for any reason.

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