The ticket system

The ticket system is one of the main systems in the functioning of a modern sports facility. Each stadium or indoor sports complex should be equipped with an integrated ticketing system in such a way as to provide the required functionality for football matches or other types of events, concerts, etc.

The ColosseoEAS solution provides the following services:

  • development of an action plan, the number of entrance tickets, allocation of available quotas for each event and setting restrictions on their use;
  • creation of individual layouts for each event;
  • single ticket concept. The ability to invest various services in one ticket (for example, payment for parking. This ticket will allow you to enter the parking lot and then enter the territory or the building of the complex);
  • change in prices depending on the seat / type of event provides for the use of various discount systems for visitors (loyalty program);
  • physical sale of tickets at the box office of the stadium;
  • reports on sold tickets for seats both in real time and in statistical form, a wide range of reports for the reception / transfer of cash, reports on empty, cancelled or defective tickets, reports on sales of cashiers per shift, on sales of all cashiers for a specific event or for all events available for sale including the price of tickets, possible discounts, etc .;
  • printing of 1D and 2D barcodes with a control spine and a spine for tax inspection;
  • programming and issuing contactless cards;
  • support for the fiscal module in the printer which meets the unified technical requirements for cash registers with fiscal memory used for cash settlements;
  • management of a subscription system that can be used as entrance tickets to a series of events or in the form of a contactless payment means;
  • web service for integrating a ticket system with an access control system and with a parking system;
  • web service for working with third-party ticket operators both online and offline;
  • web service for ticket sales with real-time ticketing synchronization;
  • direct access to the current database for third-party ticket operators within the framework of concluded agreements (up-to-date information on available / occupied seats, the ability to conduct a ticket pricing policy, etc.);
  • autonomous integration function (import / export of necessary database data, such as sales, quotas, etc.);
  • management of the system using a thin client within the assigned access rights.

Our company as the official representative of the ColosseoEAS development company offers to implement all of the above solutions for each sports facility on an individual project.

A cashless payment system is designed to make payments within the stadium without cash. Colosseo technologies allow to integrate the ticket system into the cashless payment system. This process allows season ticket holders as well as other fans to pay for tickets, food and drinks, souvenirs, any goods or services that are sold or provided at a sports venue using virtual credit cards.

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