Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE) and ColosseoEAS are proud to announce the successful completion of the second phase of renovations for fans at Capital One Arena as part of an additional $ 18 million reconstruction investment. The project, fully privately funded, was a significant addition to last year’s $ 40 million renovation, which took place last summer.

The focus is on the world’s first media cube with a sliding mechanism Colosseo Vision Center and a suspended screen with a continuous SMART LED screen with an area of ​​more than 7,000 feet (640 square meters), with best-in-class LED technology with a pixel pitch of 4.00 mm, and the lower part of the cube, which is completely removed. This cube allows you to display broadcasts, replays, real-time statistics and infotainment system with high resolution 4K UHD and HDR for bright colors on multi-level displays. This solution is currently North America’s largest seamless video screen, covering an audience located anywhere 360 ​​degrees from its axis, making it a kind of masterpiece.

The first of its kind (delivering a truly unrivaled visual show) is the world’s first 390-foot-diameter SkyRing gravity display that replicates the arena’s roof and ceiling lines and delivers an incredible 8,000 square feet. feet of LED video canvas.
To further enhance the visual perception, four new two-sided screens have been added to the corners of the arena so that every fan can see any event on the field. The screens boast more than 2,200 square meters. feet of HD HD video display and the industry’s first rear-facing LED video display. More than 1,000 square feet of HD LED video display on the back will provide statistics and results along with live action.

Colosseo has also updated the previous LED rows in the arena, replacing the 1,600-square-foot total with new Colosseo Vision LED panels that deliver quality images in realistic colors, adding 2 additional new rows with more than 1,040 extra square feet of additional digital space.

Every single screen in the arena, including 29 new small pixel pitch screens and more than 400 TV panels with Colosseo IPTV, which were installed by Colosseo in the first phase last year, are completely under the control of Colosseo’s well-known multimedia platform. distributes and delivers prepared content to each screen in its own extension and fully controls the game, fan shows and advertising management.
Having completed this installation, Capital One Arena now has 35,000 square feet of LED screens throughout the arena, creating a better visualization experience in American sports.

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