The team of specialists of our company undertakes the implementation of projects of any complexity. Here you can order both the equipment of the sports facility “from scratch” and retrofitting or re-equipment, and we can also act as a subcontractor.

As for the types of gyms, we have divided them into 6 main groups, which are posted on this page:

gyms in schools and FOCs,
children’s gyms,
martial arts halls,
aerobics and fitness halls,
Trampoline centers.
What does equipping sports facilities with equipment include?

Everything from sports flooring (if necessary), and ending with ancillary equipment and inventory for both halls and locker rooms.

A special place here is occupied by injury protection, which is given serious attention. We work with world leaders in the production of wall protectors, column protectors, mats for trampoline centers and other similar products. We, as well as our partners, guarantee high quality, reliability and long-term service of this equipment!

Each type of object has its own specifics. For example, wall protectors are not needed in fitness centers and gyms, but there you need to choose the right and competent exercise equipment and equipment for training. In children’s safety institutions, an important place is given.

We have experience with each type of hall, so you can safely trust us!